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One Step Care is a Registered NDIS provider

One Step Care is a Registered NDIS provider, known for providing support services to participants with disability, and supporting them towards their mental health across Melbourne and Geelong. At One Step Care, we take pride in being a passionate care provider, with a focus on promoting inclusivity, independent living, and equality for all. We work towards building capacity in participants, and offer them personalised services to enhance their mental health and wellbeing, and encourage them to live as autonomously as possible.


We envision that all NDIS participants are supported and empowered to have complete choice and control over their own lives, whilst achieving well-being and autonomy. One Step Care believes in building inclusive communities by strengthening the power of human connections and strong networks.


Our mission is to work together with you in navigating the NDIS to understand, prioritise and implement the NDIS plan effectively. One Step Care’s ultimate goal is to maximise your NDIS plan by identifying your goals and aspirations.


Our operations and processes are based on a set of values that define our approach towards providing care and support to participants. We are committed to acting in an inclusive, meaningful, respectful way and hold ourselves accountable in every interaction.

Here’s why One Step Care is your go-to NDIS Provider

Our Services

Coordination of supports

Under this level of support, our support coordinators provide holistic assistance to NDIS participants in understanding and implementing their NDIS plan

Psychosocial Recovery Coaches

At One Step Care, our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches work closely with participants, their carers, and support networks throughout their recovery to help them build live in autonomy.

Improved Living Arrangement

Our main goal is to help you find, and retain stable accommodation as per your needs, and requirements. We prompt, guide, and support you in this process

One Step Care

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What Our Clients Say

Beck Wynta

One Step Care is a wonderful company and Sami is one of the most responsive, empathetic and professional co-ordinators I have interacted with. Sami advocates for his clients and is a wealth of knowledge which is amazing for his clients and their accessibility to the right services to support their needs.

Bryony Epa

Always a pleasure working with Sami. His knowledge and industry experience has been invaluable and second to none. Sami is a great Support Coordinator who is very participant focussed and who has supported his clients to achieve thie fullest potential and foals.

Pooja Nair

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity of working at One step care. It’s an honour to be working with and learning from Sami. He truly knows how to lead a team and create a positive work environment. All his clients are really lucky to have someone as knowledgeable as him.

Leah Kennedy

Sami is amazing!
He individualises support, shows empathy and compassion and understanding! He explores and explains everything in a clear, concise manner. Highly recommend his services.

Ana Peric

Sami is a very knowledgeable and caring support coordinator. Would highly recommend. He has helped me achieve my goals and link into many great supports.

Elaine Nguyen

I fully agree with Cristina Scarcella, Renée Hamilton, Abigail Perez... on Sami's professional services. He is patient, consistent, compassinate, understanding, and always goes beyond to find all possible supports for my disabled son. I highly recommend his services to everyone.