Coordination of supports

Level 1 – Support Connection

Under this level of support, our support coordinators provide holistic assistance to NDIS participants in understanding and implementing their NDIS plan, and connecting them with service providers as per their developmental needs and goals. We help you make the right decision, and utilise your NDIS plan effectively, by answering questions that you may have, and

taking your next important step towards managing your supports. Support Connection makes it easy for participants to actively manage their plan, feel empowered, and develop an understanding of working with service providers, resolving issues if any, and participate in NDIA processes independently. We aim at strengthening your ability to connect with supports, and build capacity to maintain relationships in the right manner. Feel free to contact our support staff for more information, or any assistance you may require. 

Level 2 – Support Coordination

This support service enables participants to design and build their supports.It majorly focuses on assisting participants to exercise their control and direct their lives as per the support services available to them. We help them understand the NDIS, funding, and provide regular assistance to manage complex supports. Along with this, we enhance your ability to identify, and resolve issues with service providers, liaise as per your requirements, and emphasise on being responsive to crises and being able to manage uncertainties.

How One Step Care Support Coordinator can help:

This support falls under the following NDIS Support Categories in your NDIS Plan: Capacity Building – Support Coordination 

Level 3 – Specialist Support Coordination

Our Specialist Support Coordination service is designed to meet the needs of the participants with complex needs. Under this service, our support coordinators will offer comprehensive disability assistance and help the participants in managing their support environment, avail of all necessary supports, and optimise their NDIS plans. This support is ideal for participants with severe physical disabilities or mental health issues. Our support coordinators follow an all- around approach and offer high-intensity support tailored to their individual needs. Under this service, our dedicated team will –
To know more about our specialist support coordination service, get in touch with us today.
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