Psychosocial Services

Psychosocial Recovery Coaches

At One Step Care, our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches work closely with participants, their carers, and support networks throughout their recovery to help them build capacity and live in autonomy. We collaborate with you to work on all aspects of your life, and help you feel confident and empowered.

Our Psychosocial recovery coaches are committed to help you with the following:

Our recovery coaches are experienced and have worked with participants from different backgrounds, and beliefs, hence, are able to match your frequency and level of understanding whilst planning your recovery process. We embrace the fact that every individual’s recovery journey is different, and support you so that you can have control over your recovery process. 

The psychological recovery coaches at One Step Care follow a personalised approach in building capacity, as we know that every individual responds differently to different situations. We enhance your ability to lead an independent life, and take control of your decisions, recover, and be ready to live life with utmost confidence.

This support falls under the following NDIS Support Categories in your NDIS Plan: Capacity Building – Support Coordination

Mental Health Support Worker

Our trained mental health support workers at One Step Care aim to help the participants overcome mental health challenges and help them get started on an empowering NDIS journey.

Our support workers understand the mental constraints associated with any disability, we aim to help the participants navigate these challenges and target their personal, social and professional well-being.

All our mental health support services are delivered by support workers with specialised training. They will be quick to understand your needs, mitigate any risks and offer comprehensive assistance.

Under this service, our mental health support workers will –
We understand that each participant will have unique mental health challenges and, therefore, require personalised support. So, our dedicated mental health support workers will sit with you to understand your needs and deliver services that align with them. We will constantly innovate and ensure our services accommodate your changing needs.
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